Slave Dancer

The Slave Dancer is officially a children’s book and has won awards for children’s literature.
However, it offers an in-depth analysis of the wrongdoings and twisted ideas people have
had throughout history concerning the topic of slavery and the worth a human being has, so
it shines a light on a very grave and still important issue that concerns everyone, not only
children. The Slave Dancer was first published in 1973 and it has always been a book of
controversy for several reasons, one of them being the concern that the novel was too
gruesome for children. The problem of The Slave Dancer being too graphic in its depiction of
the slave trade, which is real history, was rejected by Paula Fox, however. She thought that it
was important to talk about controversial topics, too, because they matter and are part of
children’s reality. The other point of controversy that arose concerning The Slave Dancer is
the portrayal of Africans, respectively African-Americans as slaves and the taunting,
derogative terms used for them in the novel.

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