Bridge to Terabithia – Literature – Genre

The book, Bridge to Terabithia is a fictional children’s novel. While the  plot climax centers on the tragic death of the heroine, Leslie, this book cannot really be classified as a tragedy. Instead, it could be defined as fantasy. The main protagonists of the story, Jesse and Leslie build their own imaginary kingdom as a place of escape where they can fully live out their creativity. This kingdom is occupied by giants, mystical creatures and trolls which are typically elements of fantasy.Schmidt puts the novel Bridge to Terabithia into the genre of contemporary realism (Schmidt 54). Huse claims that many of Paterson’s works, including Bridge to Terabithia, contain straightforwardness often united with a higher religious or ethical power (53). In a nutshell, the novel shows aspects of tragedy and fantasy, combined with the honesty of contemporary realism portraying the living situation of a poor family in a rural area around 1975 in the United States.