Echo – Literature – Evaluation

Firstly, and with regard to the context, Muñoz Ryan provides three main protagonists at the same age as the potential readers and students. Friedrich, Mike and Ivy represent male, as well as female adolescents. Therefore, the text provides characters to relate and to identify with.
Secondly, the theme of music might be an encouraging and interesting point to catch the students’ attention and can inspire the teacher to work in a cross-curricular way together with a music colleague. However, as the author mentions mainly classical pieces of music the students might lose interest quite quickly. Nevertheless, the theme of prejudices could encourage the students’ change of perspective. As they possibly face similar difficulties like the protagonists, they can relate to them and adapt their coping strategies. Furthermore, the author creates space for more complex topics like segregation, the history of Germany, and the era of the Great Depression in the USA.
Thirdly, the author uses a language rich of images and pictures and therefore generates a vivid illustration of the story. Echo consequently represents authentic English language, although students might trip over some foreign words.
Finally considering the length of the book with 587 pages, one could argue that it is exceeding a suitable extend. Yet, the novel could be read step-by-step, as it is structured by individual stories.
In conclusion, the novel Echo is a suitable book to deal with in the EFL classroom. It provides authentic English language, as well as characters to identify and eventually themes that trigger the development of empathy and a change of perspective.