Echo – Literature – Genre

As Echo contains many stories within its plot, it seems difficult to categorize it into only one specific subgenre.
Firstly, characteristics of a Fantasy novel can be detected in the text. Not only the fairytale chapter in the beginning, but also the magical harmonica and the three cursed fairies create the image of a nonexistent fantasy world. Considering the treated subjects, Echo could also be categorized into the genre of Young adult fiction.
Thaler (2008) claims that Young adult novels are mainly written in relatively simple language, which proves to be true for this novel as well. Furthermore, the text describes young adult protagonists, the readers can relate to, as they are in similar periods of their life. Taking up and dealing with actual historical events and people like the era of Hitler-Germany, the Great Depression and the Segregation in the USA, the novel can additionally be regarded to belong to the genre of Historical novels.