Flora & Ulysses – Literature – Characters

Main Characters

Flora Belle Buckman:

Flora´s parents are divorced, so she lives with her mother in a suburban neighborhood. In her leisure time she loves to read comics, especially her favorite one: The Illuminated Adventures of the Amazing Incandesto! Although she describes herself as a cynic, she appears disappointed and vulnerable. The divorce of her parents makes her lonely and floundering. Furthermore, the relationship to her parents in not really good. So she creates her own comic world and tries to find stability in it. This in turn makes herself kind of an outsider without any friends. In Ulysses she finds a friend she has never had. She admires and cares for him and imagines a life with him. Although she describes Ulysses as the superhero and herself as his companion, she does not realize that she is a hero, herself.  She not only saves Ulysses life twice, but also cares for him and encourages him.


He is the squirrel, which has been given super powers. The accident with its consequences lets him feel new born, although he lost a lot of his fur. He is always hungry, but very soon he has to worry about more than just food. With his super powers, including incredible strength, writing poetry, flying and understanding humans, he undertakes several adventures. He often proves his courage, for example by, not just once, saving people from a dangerous cat. The proud little superhero really loves Flora, who saved and always believed in him. He mainly expresses this love by writing poems for her.

Minor Characters

 Mrs. Phyllis Buckman (mother):

Flora´s mother is an author of romance novels and additionally Ulysses´s arch nemesis. Although she wants Ulysses dead, she actually just wants the best for her daughter. She is concerned because Flora has no friends and, according to her, Flora acts very strangely. However, she also seems very selfish. She does not try to understand her daughter and does not take her the way she is. Instead, she wants so change her by forcing her to read love novels instead of comics for example.

Mr. George Buckman (father):

Flora´s dad is a reserved, calm and lonely man, with a big heart. After the divorce he moved into the apartment complex of Mr. Klaus and became friends with Dr. Meescham. It seems like Flora does not really know him, but through the story and with the help of Dr. Meescham, they get closer. He really loves his daughter and stands up for her and Ulysses in the fight against Phyllis.

Mrs. Tootie Tickham:

Tootie is Flora´s neighbor, who vacuumed up Ulysses. She is very caring; she takes in William Spiver, her great-nephew and also helps Flora whenever needed. Furthermore, she loves poetry and for that she is a big fan of Ulysses.

William Spiver:

The intelligent, polite and very rational great-nephew of Tootie claims to be temporarily blind. This seems like a call for attention, because just like Flora, he has problems with his parents. He is interested in science and has a lot in common with Flora. Similar to her, he does not have many friends and is an outsider. Therefore, the two match perfectly. Miraculously, he gains his vision back at the end of the book.

Dr. Meescham

This old lady is the neighbor of George Buckman. She is a doctor of philosophy and cares for Ulysses after his accident at the donut restaurant. The widow grew up in Blundermeecen and loves to revel in the past. She is also very talkative and helps Flora to imrpove the relationship with her parents.

Mr. Donald Tickham

Donald is the neighbor of Flora and married to Tootie. He bought the vacuum cleaner “Ulysses 2000X” as a birthday gift for Tootie. Ulysses is named after this vacuum cleaner.

 Alfred T. Slipper

Alfred T. Slipper is the superhero in Flora´s favorite comic.  He got his superpowers through an accident that had happened to him.


Dolores is a comic character. She is the parakeet of Alfred T. Slipper and his loyal companion, during their adventures against evil.


She is a waitress at the donut restaurant and discovers Ulysses in the shoe box.


Ernie is the chef of the donut restaurant. He wants to save Rita from Ulysses with a knife and is tripped by Flora.