Flora & Ulysses – Literature – Narrative Point of View

Flora and Ulysses is narrated in the third person. But the narration is limited to the feelings and thoughts of Flora and Ulysses, the main characters of the book.

The narration can be divided up into two different parts: Flora’s chapters, which are relatively long and provide the majority of the plot content, and Ulysses’ chapters, which are primarily meant to give us insight into the thoughts of the squirrel.

In the Flora section, the narrator introduces characters, describes the setting, provides background information, and explains different relationships. Simultaneously, the reader is privy to Flora’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, her direct speech also reveals a lot about her personality and intentions.

In the Ulysses section, the reader is given access to the inner ruminations of the squirrel. Although the squirrel cannot speak, he can type. And in this way, we can also get a sense of who he is and what interests and motivates him.