Island of the Blue Dolphins – Literature – Narrative Point of View

In the story Island of the Blue Dolphins the narrator is the main character of the story, a girl called Karana. It is the first-person protagonist´s point of view, so the reader has an insight into her thoughts and feelings. The fact that the reader sees the world through the eyes of the protagonist has the effect of allowing the reader to sympathize and identify with her. Thus, the reader can develop a strong connection to the narrator, which also happens since she seems very reliable. The reader grows with her, as she grows.
The restricted view of reality leaves some aspects hidden; for instance, one does not get any background information about the “The Black Cave”. Instead, the reader only knows that the bones might be from Karana´s ancestors, as Karana recognizes a flute. Here, the omniscient narrator could have provided more information. However, the mystery about the unknown circumstances surrounding the cave causes tension and creates something exciting, so the reader is curious to read about what is going to happen next. Therefore, growth also means growth in knowledge; things are revealed while reading.
The narrative point of view, furthermore, reflects the overarching topic of loneliness even more because there is no other perspective than the one of the narrator/protagonist, herself. Moreover, due to the fact that the story is based on a real historical event, the first-person-narrator adds to the general impression that this is an eye- witness account of a true story.