Julie of the Wolves – Literature – Narrative Point of View

The third person limited narrator tells the story from Julie’s perspective. The reader learns about her thoughts and emotions und can thus build up a close relationship to her. The narrative style helps the reader to identify and sympathize with Julie. It also creates tension as well as insecurity because the readers do not know what the wolves or other people are thinking. Hence, tension is also created as the readers cannot be sure whether Julie is going to survive or not.
Furthermore, the narrative point of view varies from distant to close. At times the point of view is more distant when the reader is supposed to focus on the environment or the action and is allowed to have a more objective perspective. In other passages the narrative style is closer, so that the reader can sympathize with Julie more easily.
The fact that Julie is 13 years old throughout the main parts of the story additionally helps readers who are approximately at that age too to sympathize with her.