Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry – Literature – Characters

Cassie Logan is the protagonist and narrator of the book. She is 9 years old, the second oldest of the four Logan children and the only girl. Like her uncle she has a very fiery temper, especially when she witnesses injustice: “You’re a lot like me, Cassie girl, but you got yourself a bad temper like your Uncle Hammer. That Temper can get you in trouble” (p.213/214).
Since she is still a child, she is very naïve when it comes to racism. She almost always speaks her mind, even if it means punishment.

Cassie is very persistent when she wants to know something. She also doesn’t give up and can get very angry and even aggressive: “Well, maybe she couldn’t help it, Cassie. Maybe she had to do it.” “Had to do it!I practically screamed….She’s grown just like that Mr Simms and she should’ve stood up for me” (p.142).



Stacey Logan is 12 years old and the oldest of the Logan children. He has his own code of honor and is very honest when it comes to his own mistakes and wrong doings: “Despite our every effort to persuade Stacey otherwise, when Mama came home he confessed that he had been fighting T.J. at the Wallace store and that Mr Morrison had stopped it” (p.114).

He never tells on anyone, only mentions his own deeds and tries not to break the rules and instead live an honest life. As the oldest child of the Logans, he sees himself as the man of the house when his father is away working on the railroad. At first he has this to say about Mr Morrison’s helping them out: “Don’t need him here. All that work he doing, I could’ve done it myself” (p.93). He wants to take responsibility and grow up.

He rejects Jeremy’s friendship even though he likes him, thus showing signs of maturity since he knows that the price of an interracial friendship would be far too high.



Harlan Granger is the villain of the book. He’s a racist plantation owner from whom Cassie’s grandfather bought the Logan land. He wants to get the land back and does everything in his power to do so, no matter how morally wrong it is.
He is very wealthy and can afford to pay off the sheriff which means he practically runs the area.



T.J. Avery is Stacey’s best friend and comes from a very poor family who sharecrops for the Grangers. He is very lazy, foolish and tells other peoples secrets. He gets Stacey’s mom fired from the school and tells the Wallaces about the boycott of their shop.
But he’s not an evil character: “He remained standing in the middle of the compound, his face puzzled and undecided. I had never seen him look more desolately alone, and for a fleeting second I almost felt sorry for him” (p.294).

He has a very hard life and tries to cut corners where he can. In the end he just wants to be liked and accepted by someone, thus hanging out with the Wallaces more when the Logans start rejecting him.



Mary Logan is an intelligent, good looking, and caring mother.
She works as a teacher at the school for black children and organizes the boycott of the Wallace shop: “As I see it, the least we can do is stop shopping there. It may not be real justice, but it’ll hurt them and we’ll have done something” (p.183).
She is trusted by the community and a natural born leader. She is Cassie’s role model and takes very good care of her children without spoiling them.



David Logan is a very hard working and caring family father who works in Louisiana on the railroad in order to pay off the mortgage on the land they own.
Owning land and not being dependent on sharecropping is very important to him: “Look out there, Cassie girl. All that belongs to you.You ain’t never had to live on nobody’s place but your own and long as I live and the family survives, you’ll never have to” (p.6).
He takes pride in the land his father bought and emphasizes how important and good it is to own the land you live on.