Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry – Literature – Writing Style

The language in the book varies from character to character. Big Ma has a very African American vernacular, using words like “ain’t” and “y’all” while Mary Logan speaks in a more formal, “correct” and educated way.
Big Ma’s language reflects a general lack of formal education which was normal in this era.
The way these characters speak affects their perception by the other characters, while Mary Logan is seen as educated, smart and respected, Big Ma is reminding of a slave and thus not respected.



Uncle Hammers Car:
He drives the same car as Mr Granger (a wealthy white man) which is an achievement in itself. This shows the success of Uncle Hammer and makes the white people, especially Harlan Granger very mad about owning the same car as anegro”.


The novel shows a direct link between power, influence and the ownership of land. Harlan Granger and the rest of the white land owners are very influencial and powerful members of society.

In the same regard Mary and David Logan are influencial members of the black society, adivising them and encouraging them to for example stop buying at the Wallace shop.
Land-ownership can be seen as a symbol of power and influence in the book.