The Giver – Literature – Evaluation

At first glance, The Giver can be seen as a children’s book because of its clear and easily understandable language. However, some elements shaping the topic of the book can be hard to figure out for child readers. For this reason, the topic of the book can attract young adult readers’ attention and even more mature readers’ attention, as well. The simplicity of language increases the book’s attractiveness and provides the readers to finish the book with pleasure. Apart from that, the techniques like using rhetoric questions and euphemisms enrich the manner of telling.
Besides the characteristics of language, the topic of the book is also quite interesting. The book takes place in an unspecified future and it starts with telling a utopian society, which turns out to be a dystopian one progressively. Lois Lowry describes this society as an ideal community in which people never feel hunger, suffering, hate and love. However, as the readers dive into the book, they can easily realize the missing aspects of this society, such as freedom of choice and the effects of emotions.
Lois Lowry wants the readers to recognize the importance of values and feelings which make people human. She makes emphasis on that eliminating the factors which cause trouble is not a real solution to solve a bad situation. Lowry takes advantage of a straightforward language while conveying such a profound meaning to the readers. That provides her to reach readers of all age. For all of these reasons, The Giver can be used in classes by doing various adaptations for students at different levels.